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Latest News

Funding Announcement for the EDS Retirement Plan & 1994 Scheme

ES Spin-off news – £1.5 billion further protection for your pension benefits

Earlier this year Hewlett Packard Enterprise Corporation (HPE) announced plans to spin off and merge the Enterprise Services (ES) business with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to create a new IT services business. The spin-off and merger is currently expected to complete by 1 April 2017.

Strengthening the ES Pension Plans

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services UK Limited (HPES), as the sponsoring employer of the EDS Retirement Plan and EDS 1994 Pension Scheme (the ‘EDS Plans’) will transfer to the new ES/CSC Company as a result of the spin-off and merger. HPES* will remain the sponsoring employer of the EDS Plans. This will not affect the benefits that you have built up in the Plans or are receiving.

HPE and the EDS Plans’ Trustee have agreed the following package of measures to strengthen the financial position of the EDS Plans:

  • A one-off payment to completely remove the EDS Plans’ funding shortfalls, estimated at around £1.2 billion.
  • A further payment of £300 million to be split across the two EDS Plans.
  • A new, lower risk investment strategy.

 It is intended that the payments will be made, and the investment strategy put in place, this month.

As a result of these measures the Trustee has agreed that, having taken all appropriate professional advice, and following receipt into the EDS Plans of the payments referred to above:

  • HPES will not need to pay any further contributions to the Plans for three years, and
  • the current cap on the guarantee which the plans have from some of the company’s consolidated European businesses will be reduced from a cap of £2.2 billion to £400 million across the two EDS Plans, reflecting the improved funding position of the Plans.

 The Trustee will continue to carry out its duties to monitor the funding level of the EDS Plans and the strength of the employer covenant supporting them.

* Please be aware that that company has changed its name effective today to EntServ UK Limited, with a further change of name possible after this company has left the Hewlett Packard Enterprise group and its new branding is confirmed.

HPE is very pleased to announce these measures, which we believe will put the Plans in a strong financial position. If you have any questions, you can submit these by emailing: pensionsuk2016@hpe.com

Total Rewards UKI


Information for Members

Message from the Trustees of the EDS Retirement Plan & EDS 1994 Pension Scheme (the 'Plans')

As a member of the Plans, you were 'contracted out' of the State Second Pension (S2P), and possibly the previous State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS).  From April 2016 the Government replaced the current two tier pension system, of Basic State Pension and State Second Pension, with a new Single Tier pension and it was no longer possible for schemes to 'contract out'.  You will already have been contacted by the Company, that as a result of these changes in legislation, it is no longer possible for the Plans, or any pension plan, to contract out.  The Trustees are required to separately inform Plan members that they ceased to be contracted out under the EDS Pension Scheme with effect from 5 April 2016.  This change only affects future pension entitlement from 6 April 2016 and it therefore only affects active members of the Plans.

There is no need for any action on your part following this message.


Member-Nominated Directors (MNDs)

Following our communication in January 2016, regarding MND appointments, we have now completed the selection process for MNDs.  We received many high calibre nominations which made our decision very difficult and we would like to thank everyone who put their name forward for consideration.  Accordingly, the following appointments are effective from 14 June 2016, and we believe this will make for a balanced and strong Trustee Board.

Ian Wilson was appointed as a MND, to replace Chris Bingham.Jane McCallum, Ray Makepeace and Alan Stevens are all reappointed as Trustee Directors.In addition, the Company has appointed Mark Lewthwaite as a Company appointed Director, to replace Graham Lay.

The Trustee would like to take this opportunity to than Chris and Graham for their very substantial contributions and commitment during their tenures as Trustee Directors.

The list of current EDS Trustee Limited Directors are:

Jonathan Lord - Chair of Trustee - Company Appointed

Ian Pittaway - Independent Director - Company Appointed

Robin Shelton - EDS Retirement Plan - Company Appointed

Brian Eden - Pensioner EDS 1994 Scheme - Company Appointed

Martin Hume - Pensioner EDS Retirement Plan - Company Appointed

Mark Lewthwaite - Pensioner EDS Retirement Plan - Company Appointed

Jane McCallum - Pensioner EDS 1994 Scheme - Member Nominated

Ray Makepeace - Active EDS 1994 Scheme - Member Nominated

Ian Wilson - Deferred EDS Retirement Plan - Member Nominated

Alan Stevens - Pensioner EDS Retirement Plan - Member Nominated

The MNDs are appointed for a three year term with the next selection to take place by 14 June 2019. 


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced that it plans to spin off and merge the Enterprise Services business with CSC, creating a new IT services business.  The transaction is expected to complete by 31 March 2017.

  • How does this affect my benefits from the EDS Retirement Plan and EDS 1994 Pension Scheme (the “Plans”)?
    The proposed spin off will not change the benefits which you have already built up under the Plans.
  • Will the spin off affect the security of my benefits?
    The Trustee works hard to ensure that the Plans can meet their commitments to pay benefits as they fall due and is in discussions with the Company to make sure that the proposed spin off does not affect the long term security of members’ benefits.
    We will keep you updated on any future developments.
  • The 2016 Scheme Newsletters are now available for members to review.  Click here for a copy of the Retirement Plan Newsletter and here for a copy of the 1994 Scheme Newsletter.   

Member Update on the Corporate re-organisation of the Hewlett-Packard Company:

  • At the start of November 2015, Hewlett-Packard Company (in the US) was split into two publicly traded companies.  Hewlett-Packard Company was renamed HP Inc and a new company called Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  HP Inc comprises the printer and personal systems businesses of the old Hewlett-Packard Company, whilst HPE comprises the enterprise technology infrastructure, software and financial services businesses.  With regard to the EDS Retirement Plan and EDS 1994 Scheme (the "Plans"), the sponsoring UK companies are now part of the HPE group of companies.  The Trustees and Company are engaged in discussions to make sure that the split does not materially prejudice the security of members' benefits.  More information on this will be posted on the members' website when it becomes available.  

AVC Unit Prices

  • Please click here for latest AVC Unit prices for EDS 1994 Pension Scheme.
  • Please click here for latest AVC Unit prices for EDS Retirement Plan.

Funding Agreement 

  • As part of the actuarial valuation as at 31 December 2012, EDS Trustee Limited and the Company have worked together to identify ways in which the financial security of members’ benefits can be improved.  EDS Trustee Limited is pleased to report that, in December 2014, the Trustee and the Company signed Funding Agreements, which should achieve this financial security objective.

  • Please click here to read the announcement to members of the EDS 1994 Pension Scheme regarding the Funding Agreement and guarantee.

  • Please click here to read the announcement to members of the EDS Retirement Plan regarding the Funding Agreement and guarantee. 

Notification of Electronic Communication for Summary Funding Statements: 

  • Please note that in future Summary Funding Statements will not be issued in hard copy format unless you specifically request this in writing.  Instead a link to the Summary Funding Statements will be issued to members by email. 
  • Please click here to read more if you are a member of the EDS 1994 Pension Scheme.
  • Please click here to read more if you are a member of the EDS Retirement Plan.
  • Please read the following Finance Act 2014 Announcement.

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