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  • Ten hidden consequences of the pension overhaul A huge change in the way people fund their retirement is likely to occur owing to the chancellor's plans for pensions, but what are the hidden consequences?
  • Analysis: Old age pensions Changes to the state pension means a delay for many
  • What now for retirement income? What now for retirement income?
  • Public sector pension schemes A guide to the costs and benefits of the UK's biggest public sector pension schemes
  • Public and private sector pensions compared Are public sector pensions more generous than private ones?
  • New pensions for the public sector How the new career average schemes will work
  • Your rights and the strike What rights exist for workers, consumers and the strikers?
  • How to save for a pension Parents rarely talk to their offspring about how to start saving for a pension, so what should young workers consider?
  • Why it pays to start saving early An interactive graphic explaining why compound interest means it pays to start saving early in life
  • How to cope with pensions issues Where to go for help and advice on pensions issues

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This website is maintained by Equiniti Paymaster, your pensions administrator, in partnership with HP. It is intended for the EDS Pensions' Members. 

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  • There are companies which are singling out savers claiming they can help cash in pensions. This can mean the individual is left facing a large tax bill. Click here to read the attached leaflet from the Pensions Advisory Board which explains more about this.
  • EDS Trustee Limited are now also the Trustee to the Memorex Plan.  Please click here to read the communication outlining this change, which was sent to Memorex Plan members.
  • Please see attached an article about the composition of the EDS Trustee Limited board.
  • Equitable Life Compensation Payment Scheme Update:  The data for all affected members has been passed to the third party intermediary dealing on behalf of the administrators and Equitable Life.  If you are affected by this, you can expect to hear from the intermediary directly. Further details can be found at:  

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